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200 Clinton St
Brooklyn, NY 11201

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(347) 227-8893

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Mon-Fri 8:00am – 7:00pm
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Barber Shop

Barber Shop | Mr. Right Barbershop | Brooklyn, NY


Mr. Right Barbershop in Brooklyn, NY, is your friendly neighborhood barber shop. We specialize in all styles of razor cuts, hi and tights, pompadours, and other modern to vintage and retro mens’ hair styles. We’re small, fairly priced barbers and pride ourselves on our quality, not quantity of people Have a seat! we can rush through the doors.

Short Hair Styles

A haircut is not a haircut unless there’s some extra service. We go the extra mile and see to it you enjoy your stay, be relaxed and satisfied with the hair style you walk out of your barbers with. Like the barber shop your old man used to take you to on Saturday mornings. Truly a barber shop among barbers! So come down to Mr. Right Barbershop here in Brooklyn, NY and get the service you deserve and the haircut you want at a fair price. Your neighborhood barbers, Mr. Right Barbershop.